New Aquisitions for a Custom Order

I make just about anything as long as I can see a picture of it and thats just what happened the other day. I received a message from an Etsy buyer looking for a very specific hat, one she had spotted in a magazine. So I took a look. The hat was obviously adorable abnd was amde witha  very unusual yarn. Something obviously hand spun. So I didn't think finding the yarn was going to be easy. After a few more conversations back and forth I went to Etsys handspun section and started saving pictures of the yarns  I thought she might like. All were very pretty and after much deliberation and exchange she made a final decision on two yarns for two hats...one for a boy and one for a girl.
 I rushed back to the yarns to purchase them before anyone else could and was successful. Now we are waiting. I expect to receive the yarns any day. As soon as I do I'll whip up two gorgeous hats especially made for a beautiful new baby not yet born.

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