Headbands For newborn Photography

Over the last year or so I've occasionally made hair clips and headbands. Nothing on a regular basis. But I'm making an effort to introduce a few regular items, both clips and headbands . They will work for newborns and older children as well. As always I love it when someone comes to me with a special request of colors or sizes or just a whole new idea they have. If you fall into that catagory please don't hesitate to contact me with a special request :) For the remainder of the week staring today Tuesday June 8th until Sunday June 13th I'll be including a free headband or hair clip along with all orders. Of course I will be hoping to receive photos of these headbands and clips . It's not mandatory just a wish :) The photo is just a sample of what I may include in your order

Topsy Turvy with Handspun

I've gotten to the point where I like to mix the handspun with traditional yarns. So this is my latest version of that design concept . I took a scumptiously soft and fuzzy pristine white yarn and used it as the base for this latest beanie Called Topsy Turvy. Then I took a very virbrant handspun is shades of shamrock, grape and indigo and made two fluffy pom tassles and attached to the hat. Since the yarn is very silky and not stiff at all the hat is wonderfully floppy and the poms hang low on the sides. But in a flash of "what if" I took the two pom tassles and gathered them at the top of the hat. I tied it loosely with a piece of yan and came up with a completely different hat. So with this little gem you get two looks for the price of one :)


LOLLY Newborn Baby Photography Prop Beanie

I used the most scrumptious baby yarn. It's thick and soft and stretchy. I love the ivory color also. The hat is simple with bright and cheery accents of handspun sunkissed wool yarn in shades of orange and yellow. The tail is long and the tassle pom is fat and fluffy. It's a unique photography prop and can be used for both a boy or a girl. Just one is available so do dilly dally if you think you might want it. LOLLY  is only $20.00 so it's not only beautiful but affordable :)


Another One of a Kind Cutie has come and gone

This is the last of a very cute handspun yarn I recently purchased for a custom order. Luckily there was some left over and so I was able to make a couple of One of a Kind hats using the small amount I had. Both of the hats turned out very adorable if I do say so myself .


One of a Kind CANDY Long Tail Elf Hat Photography Prop

A New Creation and only one available. I was watching The Hangover last night and this hat came to mind ??? Strange but true LOL.

Thick and soft ivory baby yarn was used for the base of this fun hat. Then I incorporated a border and pom pom of one of kind handspun with a wonderful thick and thin texture. You'll see shades of blues and pinks. Ivory and off white. This hat would be a wonderful photo prop both for photographyers and parents looking for something beautiful and unusual for their newborn. Newborn size and only one available.


Corkscrew Handspun...How fun

From the first moment I saw this yarn I had to have it. I love the bubbly thick and thin texture. The etsy seller had posted a picture of a prayer shawl she had made with it. I knew instantly it would make a fabulous cocoon. Something out of the ordinany, with some interest. So I bought it and paid for it and patiently waited. Checking the mail everyday and being disappointed each day it didn't arrive. Finally a week later it showed up and the pictures were not enough to describle this handspun yarn. I couldn't wait so I immediately started on a cocoon...hoping I would have enough for a hat. Well that didin't work out but I am very pleased with the cocoon. See the before and after pictures of this fun bubbly handspun and hand crocheted creation :)


New Aquisitions for a Custom Order

I make just about anything as long as I can see a picture of it and thats just what happened the other day. I received a message from an Etsy buyer looking for a very specific hat, one she had spotted in a magazine. So I took a look. The hat was obviously adorable abnd was amde witha  very unusual yarn. Something obviously hand spun. So I didn't think finding the yarn was going to be easy. After a few more conversations back and forth I went to Etsys handspun section and started saving pictures of the yarns  I thought she might like. All were very pretty and after much deliberation and exchange she made a final decision on two yarns for two hats...one for a boy and one for a girl.
 I rushed back to the yarns to purchase them before anyone else could and was successful. Now we are waiting. I expect to receive the yarns any day. As soon as I do I'll whip up two gorgeous hats especially made for a beautiful new baby not yet born.


Organic Cotton Anyone?

I love working with cotton...it's earthy and feels great in my hands. Recently I had a customer approach me about some hats using organic cotton. She was opening an ecommerce site for babies and wanted to offer organic items. Well we worked out out the design aspect, chose colors and hammered out pricing. Then I whipped up the items she wanted. After I shipped them off I had yarn left over and decided to use it making a few hats to see how they'd do. Well I was pleasantly surprised that the phrase ORGANIC COTTON has turned out to be one of the top search terms for my etsy shop and I do sell the hats I've created. In fact I've decided to add a larger selection of ORGANIC COTTON  Newborn Baby Photography Props for all three of my sites.I'm excited to start this enveavor and look forward to adding these new ecological items. After all every little bit helps :)


Making Time for Everything...Except House Work of Course.

This last month I've put a little more effort into my online shops. Not just Etsy which usually gets all my attention but ArtFire and a new shop I just opened Zibbet. You can't put all your eggs in one basket or all your items in one shop so I'm trying to be smart and expand my horizons. ArtFire I've had for a while and have sold a few things, hoping that it will pick up. Zibbet is a brand new site and similar to Artfire so I though what the heck the more exposure the better so I joined and have been doing a little promotion.
 Etsy sells more items by far and cost more each month by far. Both Artfire and Zibbet are flat fee based which means you pay a flat fee each month whether you sell 200 items or none. Well the none items have been the norm recently but what do you expect when you ignore it. So I'm making the effort for all three site in hopes that my hard work will pay off :)


Name This Photo Prop

Sometimes your mind can just draw a blank and no matter how hard you try, the perfect name eludes you. Nothing sounds right. So I'm asking for a little help. Maybe you can come up with a name for this new photo prop. I have a great picture thanks to Free Spirit Photo now I just need a great name to go with it. And one last thing...if you come up with the winning name you'll win this cocoon bowl photo prop. Just leave your email address and I'll contact the winner next week on Wednesday 4/21/2010. Good luck :)