Making Time for Everything...Except House Work of Course.

This last month I've put a little more effort into my online shops. Not just Etsy which usually gets all my attention but ArtFire and a new shop I just opened Zibbet. You can't put all your eggs in one basket or all your items in one shop so I'm trying to be smart and expand my horizons. ArtFire I've had for a while and have sold a few things, hoping that it will pick up. Zibbet is a brand new site and similar to Artfire so I though what the heck the more exposure the better so I joined and have been doing a little promotion.
 Etsy sells more items by far and cost more each month by far. Both Artfire and Zibbet are flat fee based which means you pay a flat fee each month whether you sell 200 items or none. Well the none items have been the norm recently but what do you expect when you ignore it. So I'm making the effort for all three site in hopes that my hard work will pay off :)

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