LOLLY Newborn Baby Photography Prop Beanie

I used the most scrumptious baby yarn. It's thick and soft and stretchy. I love the ivory color also. The hat is simple with bright and cheery accents of handspun sunkissed wool yarn in shades of orange and yellow. The tail is long and the tassle pom is fat and fluffy. It's a unique photography prop and can be used for both a boy or a girl. Just one is available so do dilly dally if you think you might want it. LOLLY  is only $20.00 so it's not only beautiful but affordable :)


Another One of a Kind Cutie has come and gone

This is the last of a very cute handspun yarn I recently purchased for a custom order. Luckily there was some left over and so I was able to make a couple of One of a Kind hats using the small amount I had. Both of the hats turned out very adorable if I do say so myself .


One of a Kind CANDY Long Tail Elf Hat Photography Prop

A New Creation and only one available. I was watching The Hangover last night and this hat came to mind ??? Strange but true LOL.

Thick and soft ivory baby yarn was used for the base of this fun hat. Then I incorporated a border and pom pom of one of kind handspun with a wonderful thick and thin texture. You'll see shades of blues and pinks. Ivory and off white. This hat would be a wonderful photo prop both for photographyers and parents looking for something beautiful and unusual for their newborn. Newborn size and only one available.


Corkscrew Handspun...How fun

From the first moment I saw this yarn I had to have it. I love the bubbly thick and thin texture. The etsy seller had posted a picture of a prayer shawl she had made with it. I knew instantly it would make a fabulous cocoon. Something out of the ordinany, with some interest. So I bought it and paid for it and patiently waited. Checking the mail everyday and being disappointed each day it didn't arrive. Finally a week later it showed up and the pictures were not enough to describle this handspun yarn. I couldn't wait so I immediately started on a cocoon...hoping I would have enough for a hat. Well that didin't work out but I am very pleased with the cocoon. See the before and after pictures of this fun bubbly handspun and hand crocheted creation :)