Summer Fun Crochet Photography Prop Baby Hats

I'm a sucker for Red White and Blue. To me, it represents warm summer days sipping a cool drink in the shade of a huge tree. It represents the Heart Land of American, Apple Pie, Baseball and Independence Day. When I was a kid we could walk to the corner fireworks booth and buy whatever we wanted and we always had a huge cook out for the fourth. Those are great memories for me and when summer approaches all I want to do is create in my summer colors, Red White and Blue. So here are the first of this years Summer Fun baby photography prop hats. Look for more coming soon :)


Wonderful Pearl

Lisa Green and I converse via email on a regular basis since she bought several of my photo props. She has such wonderful ideas and gives me a great perspective from the photographers point of view. She sent me this photo featuring a beautiful baby wearing one of my hats she'd purchased. As you can see Lisa has a wonderful vintage style and the coloring is gorgeous. I can't complain about the hat, PEARL either, it really works well in this photo. Thanks Lisa Green for providing me with this and other professional photography shots featuring beautiful babies wearing wearing my handmade crochet photography props


LITTLE TOMBOY Baby Photography Prop

A bit of a beanie and a bit of a flower hat...thats what LITTlE TOMBOY is. Something a little out of the ordinary is always a good thing when it comes to great baby photography and thats what I've tried to create with this cute little crochet hat.

A Special Thanks

I just received a beautiful photograph using one of my photography props and I must say the picture and the model are just beautiful and really makes my Sweet Pea Cocoon look great. With that said I'd like to give a special thanks to Kel Ward Photography for making my Cocoon look awesome. You take great Photographs Kel Ward...Keep it up