Raggamuffin: My Raggedy Creation

With yarn in hand It's hard to put off the inevitable so with a large hook I set out to create. The yarn screamed to me, it wanted to be a funky little elf hat and I agreed. I could picture the hat perched atop a newborns little head, a tassled little stip laying gently on the babys behind. I could see it all.

Well here is my image and my creation. Now Raggamuffin waits patiently to be purchased and perched atop a brand new baby's head.


Raggedy New Purchase

The new handspun yarn I just purchased and picked up is awesome. It kind of reminds me of a rag bag with faded greys to brilliant fuschias all in one long continuous strand. I've already created a cute as can be baby elf night cap. I just need some photos and I'll get it listed. Althoughy i bought the yarn to create a baby hat this yarn had a big impact on me. The one thing this particular yarn did for me was sparked my creativity. For a while I've been wanting to dabble in t-shirt yarn and do so fabric strip items. I have an abundance of both but haven't been motivated to start. Well I think I finally have my spark of creativity that is the incentive for every new project I start. I'll keep you updated but I have big plans and am motivated to get started. Keep your fingers crossed :D Kathy


One of a Kind

I love creating hats using specialty yarns. I often browse different sites like etsy and artfire looking for handspun and hand dyed yarns. The yarns that attract me most have that thick and thin texture that makes a beautifully eye catching and unusual hat. Most often these yarns are in very small amounts and I may only be able to make one hat with a particular lot of yarn. So of course they are One of a Kind. I'm always looking and when I find yarn that appeals to me I scoop it up. Once the hat is finished I list it and it usually sells quickly :D
Check my shop often for those special One of a Kind hats for a beautiful newborn photo prop.



This hat is so soft and scumptious in a vivid deep eggplant color. Fuzzy and fun and perfect for those one of a kind baby photos. This hat will fit 0-3 months. I strive to make my hats unique with fun colors pretty flowers and all are unique. The yarn for this hat is so soft you just want to snuggle deep into it. Any baby would love the feel of this hat perched precariously atop their head. Just imagine the photos that would result from your beautiful baby and this beautiful Floppsy hat. :@)


My Version of the Original

I sure wish I had a baby picture :@)visit my store at

A New Request

I don't know why but the bulk of my creations and designs seem to lend themselves to girls more than boys so when I get something that really fits a boy I try to use it. A repeat customer sent me a request for a special hat so I got right to work creating it. Of course I have to make my own version of this hat and I did but will create the original for my customer. Turquoise and brown is the original pale blue and fuzzy lime is my version.


One of a Kinds Hats

I've been buying specialty yarns. Usually hand spun and hand dyed. These specialy yarns come in very small amounts and is usually only enough for one hat so they have become my one of a kind hats. They will never be reproduced because the yarn will never be the same. Never the same texture or color and even the spiining itself varies. I like the thick and thin variety. This type of yarn makes a very visually interesting hat and it's great for photos. The colors are usually mixed and very vibrant. Another good thing when it comes to photography.